Julia Hovve is an artist working between London and Berlin focusing on deconstructing the mainstream visual narrative, by documenting people at the forefront of counter culture. She is currently on an MA at London College of Fashion. Her work explores themes of gender perception and intimacy. She uses her photography to provoke questions about outdated power systems in a  society that is rapidly evolving.

Her work has been featured by i-D, HERO, Vogue Italia, ICA and she had work at TATE Modern’s Offprint Festival in 2018.  As well as photographing, she writes freelance on these issues for various magazines and curates group exhibitions on these topics.

Within my visuals I aim to examine existing societal truisms. I work with the freedom shown in photography that does not exist outside of the lens. The expression that this gives to many people who otherwise feel the pressure to conform, is the channel of freedom that touches my heart.

She continues to highlight cultures on the fringes.



 All images ©Julia Hovve